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Go beyond the illusion and find what controls you

Step out of the shadow and into your POWER!

“When you change the rules on what controls you,  you will change the rules on what you can control” – Revolver quote.  I love this magnificent quote about breaking through your ego.  In my years of working with others, I have seen the biggest enemy to your own personal power is residing right in your own mind.  Flushing out this shadow controller can give you:

  •  FOCUS


“Oh” you say, ” Kimberli, you do not know the magnitude of  inhumanities I have endured!”  My answer, we all live in this illusion as humans.  There is not one single soul I have encountered who has had a life completely free from violations of the heart and soul either done to them or by them.

In my time with others I have helped them understand how their thoughts, emotions, and reactions to their pain either prolong or eliminate their suffering.  I must admit on occasion, I find the person who is so grounded in their pain, they can not let themselves move past it.  


The formula to control you contains:

  • Mind Control
  •  Thought Forms
  •  Curses
  •  Cords
  •  Soul Contracts
  •  Agreements
  •  Abuse
  •  Targeting
  •  Physical, Mental, Emotional Toxicity
  •  Demonic Attack.


Many I have worked with are all victims of some of these struggles, but some more so than others.  I have seen and worked with all these things.  Some of these stressors can be serious business,  and can be layered into the consciousness in such a way that if you do not know what you are doing the removal can be more dangerous than leaving it alone.

I offer to you the benefit of my experience in seeing 100’s of people who all had situations they felt were insurmountable, entangled that left them feeling powerless.  I honestly, offer myself  as your personal warrior, should you choose to be truly ready to break thru these illusions.  I will use my gifts as an empath and an intuitive to guide you to the depths of your subconscious mind and shadow self.   I will help you understand your souls path so you can see what you need to do to clear yourself of these binding energies.  Once released, you will be ready to own your power.  


Red Pill or Blue Pill?

  •  Are you in the information gathering phase?  Are the things I am discussing appealing to you, however you don’t know anything about what I am discussing?
  •  When your body creates dis-ease, do you look for the best pill to fix the symptom?
  •  Do you still complain, blame, or make excuses?
  •  Do you benefit from being less than happy?
  •  Are you are not serious about making big changes?


If this describes you, then please take the blue pill, go back to bed, or do more research own your own.  Seriously, no need for you to read any further.

 However, if you are serious about jumping down the rabbit hole and seeing how far it goes, then you have chosen the red pill.  Read on!

What I will bring to you is Temporal Core Healing techniques as well as the Law of Grace.

Temporal Core Healing is a system I have streamlined my process to.  Not only do I use this, I also teach others.  It addresses the spiritual, emotional, physical needs of a person.  We discern the priorities of clearing the layered stressors.  We also address the Wernicke’s commands of mind control with this technique.

Experience for yourself the immediate reconnection to Source energy!

and the power in the surrender to the Law of Grace!

We have all heard about the Law of Attraction, however, there are many Spiritual Laws.  The Law of Grace is a Divine dispensation of Mercy.   Grace dissolves karma, changes matter and creates miracles. Spiritual surgery and awakening like none other. 

In a VIP Session, we will address the inner demons, so to speak,  that hold you hostage, and negotiate the terms that will help you free your mind.


Virtual Sessions:

These sessions are done by phone or Skype.

1/4 Day (2 hours)   80.00

1/2 Day  (4 hours)  150.00

Full Day  (8 hours)  250.00


If you wish to have a session in person to address deeper issues, such as Wernicke’s command removal, Entity Removal, Exorcism, Temporal Age Reset that can be arranged. Please contact me. I have two extra bedrooms and can arrange for you to stay and work with me. 

I also teach classes in Hot Springs, AR.  My classes are limited in size, so that each student can receive personal attention.  For those who feel they need this work and are unable to pay for a session, then please consider coming to one of my classes and allowing me and my students to work with you.

To arrange your own VIP Session please contact

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